about us

Golden Swan incorporated in the year 2010 with an intension to render a broad array of waste management services. Marking us one of pioneer and leading waste management service provider within the regions of Africa.

Fortifying the credentials & adopting advanced technical waste management applications. A state-of-the-art technique installed which is prominently capable of treating hazardous waste with due consideration of international compliances. Taking utmost care of emissions standards with an advanced air filtration system. Bringing up the technological advancement to manage the waste in the best possible manner. Actively engaged in the development of new facilities to provide the highest possible efficient waste treatment services within the regions. Moreover, EG has always been supportive in our endeavours while successfully accomplishing the responsibilities to withstand the test of time. Eventually, initiating the policies with ease pertinent to the disposal cost.

Systematic Waste Categorisation

Risk evaluation during operations – Safety

Appropriate Remediation based on 4R’s Concept

Proper Waste Collection

Waste Assessment

Diligently collecting the Hazardous waste

Diligently collecting the Hazardous waste