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Healthcare-Biomedical waste

Healthcare waste streams can be extremely complex. That’s why we offer specific services to meet the needs of hospitals, clinics and care facilities.


Golden Swan has expertise in the area of Healthcare waste, mainly focussed in collecting, treatment, recycling and disposal of waste from your clinics, hospitals and other relevant facilities which keeps you safe and compliantly.

Environmental Solutions For Healthcare Facilities

Solid Waste/Trash & Recycling Pickup

We have best technologies to handle the complex or heterogeneous waste when it come solid waste mixed with healthcare. We recognise the complexity involved for the facilities and so to further we derived the pickup & recycling solutions to ease the operations and duly compliant with the local regulations.

Regulated Medical Waste treatment Facilities

We offer the sustainable and reliable solutions of managing your medical waste by rendering cost effective disposal services. Our integrated approach incorporates some of the most advanced autoclave treatment to keep you compliant.

Healthcare Regulated Wastes

We are helping our partners to regulate their complex and regulate waste streams generated. Partnering with us will allow you more transparent in your waste operations and minimise the final disposal costs. We also provide you the onsite medical treatment facilities at your disposal. Our team of experts will support you to recognise the medical waste and collecting, recycling and disposing with due consideration of international and local compliances.

Reusable Sharps Service

Our cost effective and trusted services support you to provide the safe reuse containers for sharp and needles while keeping you compliant and improve the significant amount of specific waste end up in the landfills. Offering you the safe and durable containers for your sustainable and environmentally friendly sharps management.

Hazardous Waste

Golden Swan facilitates the experts to examine your entire inventory of hazardous waste for concluding the best disposal and recycling path for each individual waste stream. More often, the healthcare sectors are unable to manage their complex and mixed waste generated during their operations. So, we help out institutes and healthcare to assess the exact the waste characterisation and its disposal method. Contact us for our sustainable services to reduce your waste service costs.

Integrated Customer Solutions

With our team of experts, you will get to interact with our integrated waste approach that assimilates all types of waste streams during your operations. This will enhance the credentials of corporates and industries to fulfil their compliances and regulations. Also, it will help you to reduce your waste disposal cost and allow you to focus highest standards in your operations.

Sustainability Services

As we have extensive track record in handling healthcare industrial waste which produces some of the complex and diverse waste streams. Adopting sustainable services means you will not only reduce the environmental risk but also have sustainable impact in your operations in terms of cost reduction and fulfil the local compliances. We are well associated with our healthcare partners to provide them ease of waste solutions with our customised plans.

Customized Solutions for Your Industry

Golden Swan believe that it’s important to recognise the operations that are sustainable to the industries and communities. At Golden Swan, we derive the solutions that will manage your waste with our reliable services.


We recognise the core pharmaceutical industries and its regulated waste. So, we offer you solutions that help you stay compliant while keeping you pace of your operations.


We are well aware the complex waste streams involved in the pharmaceutical industries. Looking into challenges, we built the solutions for specific industry that wholly reflects the sustainbale services at your door steps and assuring you to deliver the services that confirm the safety standards during handling the hazardous drugs at each phase of our operations.

Experts For Pharmaceutical Industry

We know the waste structures and regulation involved in this specific industry. With experts and partners, we regularly work alongside you to get resolve the waste challenges. We are pioneered the strategic management of pharmaceutical waste, assisting major healthcare organisations with implementing pharmaceutical waste management system. We are constantly navigating the requirement and waste regulations for your industry which keeps you update and compliant. We are here to assist you to manage the complex materials in hazardous drugs which require the specific task to dispose.

Customized Solutions To Meet Complex Needs

Our team of experts will support you in the handling of pharmaceutical waste streams, ensuring your operations runs efficiently while adhering to regulations. Please feel free to get in touch to know more about our pharmaceutical waste solutions.